08 Dec 2022

Easter Egg Market in Eberbach Abbey

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Unfortunately, this event has been postponed to 2023* 

If your only experience of painted Easter eggs are the ones you made as a child, this market will be a revelation. Artists from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, and the Czech Republic display their incredible art on blown eggs of all sizes, from tiny budgie and quail eggs to improbably large ostrich eggs.

Watching artists work on Easter eggs

See incredibly detailed paintings, etchings, calligraphy, and dioramas come to life on these fragile surfaces, right in front of you. If you’d like to take some of their work home with you, pieces are for sale.

Many of the Easter egg artists will be also working on eggs while manning their tables, and you’re encouraged to watch them work their magic (though do ask for permission before you take any photos!) Each artist has been specially chosen, with due attention paid to quality, originality and genuine craftsmanship.