01 Oct 2023

Private health insurance in Germany (Private Krankenversicherung)

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The second pillar of German health insurance is private health insurance, which currently covers around 10% of the population, particularly those on higher incomes and the self-employed.

Private health insurance system (private Krankenversicherung - PKV)

Rather than opting for statutory health insurance, you are able to take out a private health insurance plan in certain circumstances. If you wish to take out private insurance and you are employed, you will need to let your employer know so that they don’t automatically register you with a statutory health insurance scheme. You can opt for private health insurance if any of the following apply to you:

  • You earn more than 64.350 euros per year.
  • You are a freelancer or run your own business.
  • You are a civil servant.
  • You are a foreign student (exceptions apply - see our page on Student health insurance for more details).