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Private insurance in Germany

28 February 2022 , By

Whilst anyone living and working in Germany is obliged to contribute to health insurance and other parts of the German social security system, there are many other types of private insurance that you may wish to take out to cover yourself or your business.

Comparison sites

Not sure where to start or how to find the best deal? A comparison site lets you compare different types of insurance policies from multiple providers at a glance.

  • Clark

Home / Household insurance

Home and household insurance policies cover you in the case of any damage caused to your property by accidents, burglaries or fires.

  • Hypofriend (in English)
  • Lemonade (in English)
  • GetSafe (in English)
  • Feather (in English)

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects the policyholder from lawsuits or other claims that fall within the coverage of the insurance policy.

  • Hypofriend (in English)
  • Lemonade (in English)
  • GetSafe (in English)
  • ARAG

Travel insurance

Going on holiday? Make sure you are covered abroad! Purchasing travel insurance means you are covered in the case of missed or cancelled flights, accidents and other unexpected expenses. You can also purchase policies that cover your luggage against theft. DFV - Deutsche Familienversicherung provide expat-friendly travel insurance in Germany or you can try SafetyWing, a travel insurance for digital nomads.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance ensures that you always have access to the law and justice by covering legal costs in the case of a dispute, regardless of who brings the case.

  • Hypofriend (in English)
  • GetSafe legal protection (in English)
  • Feather (in English)

Electronics insurance

Protect your electronic valuables from accident, theft or loss with electronics insurance! Most policies cover liquid damage, cracked screens and even accidental drops as well.

  • Friendsurance

Pet insurance

If you own a pet in Germany, you should consider taking out some sort of pet insurance to cover veterinary bills and other associated costs. Some insurance companies will even pay out in the event of your pet being lost or stolen.

  • GetSafe (in English)
  • Helvetia Versicherungen

Car & Motorcycle insurance

If you own a car in Germany, you are legally obliged to take out car insurance that covers third parties at the very least. Visit our Car insurance in Germany page to find out more and get links to recommended car insurance providers.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance covers you and your family members in the case of either accident or death.

  • Hypofriend (in English)
  • DA Direkt
  • DFV - Deutsche Familienversicherung

Life insurance

If you hold a life insurance policy, your named beneficiary receives a death benefit upon your death. The amount of the benefit is dependant upon the premium you pay.

  • Hypofriend (in English)
  • Feather (in English)
  • CosmosDirekt

Bike insurance

Do you own a bicycle in Germany? Bike thefts are common, so having insurance is a good idea: 

  • Feather (in English)
  • GetSafe (in English)

Funeral insurance

Funeral insurance covers all the arrangements for your loved one’s send-off, so you don’t have to worry about cost. As an expat, it can also cover the costs of repatriation for those who wish to be buried in their homeland.

  • BarmeniaDirekt Versicherungen
  • ERGO Direkt

Rent guarantee insurance

If you own a house in Germany and are letting it out, you should consider taking out rent guarantee insurance to cover you in the event that your tenants are unable to pay their rent.

Constructions insurance

Constructions insurance is a legal requirement for most kinds of construction work. There are different types of policies, which can provide coverage for construction materials, employees, guard against risks and protect you in the case of natural disasters. See Grundeigentümer Versicherung to find out more.